About Us

About our online store

US Stores is one of the E-Commerce retailers for a vast portfolio of products and has been strengthening our foothold in the competitive world of Online Retail. Our recent foray into Retail E-Commerce through our flagship website – www.usstores.us – is part of our constant effort to evolve ourselves as a preferred Business Partner for our vendors. US Stores started with a motto to provide the highest level of customer service that sets a Benchmark in the E-Commerce industry as well as try and exceed it every time. The Vision of our company is to offer Top Quality products at affordable prices and as well as we develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives. We promise that our presence will be felt in the consumer’s day-to-day life every time they use any product and today we are a leading Prime Retailer and have a proven reputation for keeping our original promise. We are a one-stop shopping solution where expectation meets reality. We believe in providing high-quality products, we have a fast-paced and on-time delivery system and pleasant after-sales customer service.

Contact us: +1 (888) 404 3006 for more information or questions.